Frequently Asked Questions


Which things do I have to organize before I can run the InfoTV narrowcasting system on my location?

Next to purchasing a screen, the only thing you need to have set up before our narrowcasting system can run on location: a stable WiFi internet connection and at least two electrical outlets.

In which cases is a mechanic absolutely necessary?

A few examples when a mechanic is required: no wired internet is present at the screen location, the screen and accessories need to meet a certain standard of theft prevention, or when there is no in-house technical service.

Can I arrange the installation of all the required equipment via InfoTV?

InfoTV provides professional installation of your screen, in order to be sure you can make the best use of the functionalities of InfoTV within your business. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything and can use your screen right away!

If you don’t want to use our assembly service, we’ll make sure you’ll receive all the necessary equipment on your location and you can do the installation yourself. Our support is limited however to the InfoTV software.


Which monthly costs and which starting costs do I have with InfoTV?

The monthly costs with each different InfoTV subscription package can be found in our pricing model.

Aside from the screens you need our receivers connected to the internet in order to run our system, € 299 per receiver. These receivers are bought, and remain your property.

How does the invoice process look like? Are there different options regarding contract period?

When all hardware is taken care of, what remains are the licensing costs. Herefor we apply a monthly rate based on the number of screens. All modules are always included in the subscription, so all freedom remains for you to arrange the screen the way you like. Invoicing can be done monthly, quarterly or yearly, but always beforehand. That way you aren’t stuck to a yearly contract period, but can withdraw your subscription every month.

What might the costs be when I let InfoTV do the installation procedure?

Because each assembly is a tailor-made job, we make an offer for each different assembly service. The costs are comprised of a call out fee, materials and work hours.


Do I have to use my own screens for narrowcasting with InfoTV?

InfoTV runs on your own screens. We don’t sell screens to customers ourselves. What we can do is support and advise you in choosing a screen. After all, for every different situation different screen sizes are needed.

Which requirements must be met by one’s own screen?

In order to make use of InfoTV, the only requirement is that your screens have a HDMI-port. We also advise you to make sure that the screen you buy is a LED screen, in the context of energy efficiency.

Do I need a separate receiver for each screen?

Yes, every screen requires a different receiver.


What is the size of the receiver?

Our receiver is like a USB-stick with the measurements of just 12.5 x 1.7 x 3.3 cm. The receiver can thus be placed everywhere you want.

What happens when my screen gets broken?

Our support is limited to InfoTV software and receivers. As the screen is your own purchases, we offer no support for this.


Can I access the InfoTV CMS system only with a fixed computer?

No, the CMS system of InfoTV is accessible via every device that gives access to the internet. Even with your mobile phone you can configure what others see or don’t see on your InfoTV screen.

Do I automatically get new updates on InfoTV software?

InfoTV is online software and thus continually updated. Also the receivers are automatically updated, so that you don’t have to worry about technology.


Does InfoTV also provides an interactive narrowcasting system?

At the moment we don’t provide interactive narrowcasting. Maybe in the future there will also be interactive modules available for InfoTV.

How do I reach my content and where is my content stored?

Your content is stored in the cloud and you have total control over it via our online CMS.

Does InfoTV also provide the service of creating custom-made designs?

By default you get an InfoTV channel with your own corporate identity design. Next to that, with InfoTV there is also the possibility to order a tailor-made layout. For more information about the possibilities and prices, please contact us.

I want to show news updates, weather forecasts, and traffic information on my screen. Is this possible with InfoTV?

Yes, all these things are possible with InfoTV. When you draw up your screen, with InfoTV you can choose from a wide collection of modules, including “News headlines”, “Weather”, or for instance “Public transport departure times”. For more information, you can see an overview of our modules.

Is it possible to display Social Media statuses on my InfoTV screen?

Yes, this is possible. One of the modules from InfoTV provides social media integration with the platforms Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

What about copyrights?

Content provided by yourself is and will always be owned by you and all its rights belong to you. For all other content InfoTV has made an agreement with the suppliers, so you don’t have to worry anymore about things like intellectual ownership. With the exception of the music modules, these require license fees to Buma and SENA which are excluded in our prices.