Benefits of InfoTV

Nowadays, it’s impossible to think about life without screens. Everywhere you go you get information and look at commercials via screens. Therefore, you spend a part of your marketing budget on digital presence. But why stop when you walk into the building?

Web-based narrowcasting

Enter InfoTV, web-based narrowcasting. Conventional narrowcasting is often expensive, and also you’re stuck to fixed packages from the supplier. Digital signage via InfoTV then is a lot cheaper and therefore the ideal solution in your business to inform your customers or coworkers about news, deals and/or background information.

Total control

Narrowcasting via InfoTV works plug and play. With InfoTV you have a lot less to worry about with regards to the content of your digital signage. Because of automated linkages and by using an online CMS, you are in complete control of the content and retain all freedom. Aside from that, with your subscription you can access all of the InfoTV modules! It doesn’t stop there: we also keep your entire narrowcasting up-to-date.

Easy expansion with our module system

Having started as website developers we know scalability is an absolute must. Nothing is worse than to be occupied not only with your daily activities but also the question if your narrowcasting still works. That’s why with InfoTV you can always choose freely within a number of modules, a perfect extension. You begin with a basic package that consists of a channel designed in your corporate identity style, complete with date and time indication. With our modules you can put together a unique package completely tuned to what you want. And with a fixed price per module per month for there is something for each budget.

InfoTV: Narrowcasting the new way!