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Multiple locations?

Do you have multiple sites and do you want to connect these to InfoTV? Then you pay for each location the subscription you choose.


For each location you need to own a receiver. Our software runs on small receivers with the size of an A5 booklet. This receiver is purposefully designed in a way so it can be placed behind the screen hidden from the public eye. Therefore, a mounting bracket is included in your delivery. The receivers are automatically updated, so you don’t have to think about the technics. Your content is stored in the cloud and you have total control via our online CMS.

InfoTV receiver for only € 375,-

Customized goods

By default you get a InfoTV channel made in the style of your own corporate identity. Do you want a customized layout? Contact us to get more information.

Assembly service

Interested in our assembly service for the placement and concealment of your screen and receiver? Read more about it here!